Customers mask #clicker #mask #feralworksatdragoncon

The scene outside of my room #feralworksatdragoncon

Obligatory Marriott picture #feralworksatdragoncon

My husband agreed to be Rick to my Daryl :) He just asked that I Grimes up his shirt a bit #cosplay #rickgrimes




The Graceful Sculptures of

Forest Rogers

Just a word here, for the moment. I studied stage design at Carnegie-Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA, receiving an MFA in Costume Design. I make critters, both ‘fine’ and commercial. More anon!


Hellloooooo, gawgeoussses!

you seen this!??!

Those are so amazing!!

Just some last minute airbrushing. #wipwednesday #workspacewednesday #selfie


That second one!

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Behold one of my better ideas! I wove wire into my dunmer gloves so I could use my phone while wearing them #cosplay #ideas #dunmerproject

Asker norafox Asks:
hey! do you plan on coming to any cons in chicago any time soon? I'd love to see your booth!
feralworks feralworks Said:

I’m planning on having a booth at the Midwest FurFest (my first furry con!) which is in Rosemont, IL in December :)

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Do you have a tutorial that you used for your facial hair and how you made it look so realistic?
feralworks feralworks Said:

Just reposted my tutorial on Monday:

Someday I’ll try and make a video :)

New DragonCon lineup!

Thursday Night: Ray Gillette, Archer

Friday Afternoon/night: Daryl Dixon, The Walking Dead (sans crossbow)

Saturday Day: Dunmer Mage, The Elder Scrolls- Skyrim

Saturday Night (aquarium): Newt Geiszler, Pacific Rim

Sunday Day (if I can tolerate it): Dunmer Mage, The Elder Scrolls- Skyrim

Sunday Night: Charlie Kelly, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

If you see me wandering around, say ‘HI!’. I love to meet new people and as long as I’m not trying to get to a panel, or to food, or to a bathroom, I’d love to stop and chat. I apologize in advance for being a huge dork :)

Here’s my mask with the wig! If you see me at DragonCon, say ‘hi’ and have a conversation with me in the uncanny valley. #dunmerproject #dunmer #mask #costume #skyrim

Trying to guess how to French braid… #dunmerproject #wigs #braiding

In the interest of saving time at DragonCon, I painted up some opera gloves to look like eleven skin #gloves #dunmerproject #costume #welovecolors