New skull mold is a go! Got some fun stuff in the works :) #skull #mask #rawcasting #casts #smoothon

There’s a kid in my workspace! (Nothing toxic going on, jsyk) #kids #workspace #whatamess

Edit: just want to emphasize that this was a highly supervised visit and that he didn’t touch anything, except the ribbons he’s holding and the chair.



Hugh Dancy the Amazing Dog Charmer

That moment when your dog cares more about a severed limb than you.


We celebrated the last day of Tolkien week, with a Legolas/Gimli romp in the woods!

Legolas and Gimli costumes by me

Gimli prosthetics, hair work and props by me

Our awesome friend Howie helped us set up these shots and manned the camera for us! We have great friends, indeed.

Wanna see more of my work? Visit my FB page and give it a like if you feel so inclined:

!!!! Everyone look at these amazing costumes!!!


Hello, friendos 

I’m not exactly an expert, but here’s how to look like this- 



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Check out this spectacular Astrid cosplay by Beryla Gann Cosplay:

I love seeing completed costumes using my pieces :D

Making a new mold for my skull mask. Trying something new, which will hopefully save me some time. #molding #mask #blockmold

You should just start materializing these with your brain instead
My partner talking about my sculptures

My Khajiit mask mold is on it’s last legs! I have 3 more blanks available in the shop, and once they sell out, I will no longer be offering this blank! So if you wanted one, now’s the time:

I will probably sculpt a new Khajiit in the future, but I can’t say when that will be.

Thanks everyone who has given this mask some love! This sculpt will always have a special place in my heart :)

Started the demon mask for Workspace Wednesday! Taking the bottom half in more of a skull direction. #mask #sculpt #demonproject #workspace #wipwednesday #wedclay #alltheeyeballs

Werewolf mask on my gigantic noggin. Also messy studio.

Early Workspace Wednesday! The corner where I keep my sewing machines… and crossbow. #workspacewednesday #igottafindabetterspotforthatthing

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skeleton cat patch // $22

Reblogging so I remember to buy this later!


skeleton cat patch // $22

Reblogging so I remember to buy this later!

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