I got silicone in my hair.

Workspace Wednesday! Jury-rigged an injection molding system for the dunmer #idontknowhatimdoing #seriouslyihavenoidea #workspacewednesday #dunmerproject

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Just so you know you're a flawless creature and I love you and all of your artwork. I've just dropped out of art school, it really took all of my passion out of me. Do you have any suggestions as to how I can get my groove back?
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My advice for losing passion or drive is kinda different than most my friends so take that with a grain of salt, but I can only say what’s worked for me: Make yourself work. Doesn’t matter what you’re working on, don’t let yourself sit around not doing anything. You don’t have to take on, like, your opus or anything… but you need to be doing something with your art. You need to make a project, and hold yourself accountable for finishing it. Even if it looks like trash or its a failed experiment, its okay to make bad stuff. You learn from making bad stuff. Just keep your hands busy, keep your brain busy.

If I waited for when I felt my “groove” or had passion for it, I’d probably be out of a job because there was a 3 month period not long ago when I was burnt out and tired of drawing/writing, but I had to cuz its my job. I did good work I was proud of, regardless of being in my groove. I just had to find a motivation that wasn’t passion for those 3 months… which turned out to be “fear of not getting paid” and “refusing to drop quality.”

I am not of the opinion people should only work when they feel inspired. Sometimes, you just have to do it. You have to sit down and work. You have to find a reason to keep going at it during the times when the passion isn’t there, cuz the passion will not always be there.

like I said, take my advise with a grain of salt. This is what’s worked for me and how I function.

This is very good advice.

Great advice! 
While I am by no means perfect… I try to work on something everyday. I find that even if I don’t go into something feeling it, I usually end up enjoying myself by the end of my working time.

Check out that clean work surface #purposefullydoesntshowyoutherestofmystudio


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Thank you, everyone who follows me… You are awesome!
Good Luck!

Just a reminder that I got this going on! I’ll be picking a winner on Wednesday night, so get your reblogs in :D

After a number of pep talks on here, Facebook and Instagram, I think I’m gonna give the mask a try. Yes, there are some pretty noticable cracks, but I may be able to patch them and hide the rest in the paint job. 

Thank you for all the support on this project. I really cannot thank everyone who follows, comments and likes my stuff enough. Thank you.

Closer inspection has shown that there are just too many flaws to fix. So this was just a really expensive learning experience. #feelingdefeated #illstartovereventually #dunmerproject

Looks like I cracked the nose on the mold, probably when I was wrestling with it. Gonna see if I can repair it. Sigh. #molding #moldingwoes #dunmerproject

Oh and I kinda got a new suit. #normanreedus #dressingup

Hey I know that guy. #daryldixon #cosplayinpublic #getpopcultured #contest

Me and my Orc friend met up at @barnesandnoble for their #getpopcultured #contest event. Hung out, had some coffee. Good times #Orc #daryldixon #costumes #inpublic

Me at my sexiest. #hugenerd #daryldixon #cosplay #costume #walkingdead

To give a little backstory on the demolding process/photos I’ve been posting:

The sculpt is made of WED clay, which is water soluble.  The mold is made of EpoxACote Red backed with fiberglass (which is fairly inflexible). The back of the head mold came off without any issues, but the front half was thoroughly stuck on the face mold. 

Though I thought it might be due to a vacuum created by the clay, I thought it might also be due to slight undercuts I (stupidly) made in the ears. So I let the front half of the mold sit in a container of water the last day and a half to help break down the clay. I’d take it out every couple of hours to wiggle it and use a not-as-high-pressure-as-I-would-like hose to try and wash out the clay between the two surfaces. 

During this frustrating time, I discovered the ear undercuts (which seriously, I should know better), but I also discovered that the mold is strong enough for me to stand on. 

But I finally got the head out! Now I have to clean up the mold and inspect the damage… make any repairs and a few adjustments. Then I can start prepping it for injection molding the silicone to make the mask. I’m about halfway done on the process to getting a completed mask.

After 2 days of fighting with it!!! #molding #godireallyhatemolding